Do huskies like water?

When it comes to swimming and playing with water, dogs are fun. That is why many might assume that their Siberian husky will swim with ease when they put it in a swimming pool. However, before assumptions, we need to find out whether huskies like to swim or play with water.

It is not highly likely that your Siberian husky enjoys swimming very often as other dog breeds do. However, it doesn’t mean that they do not like water at all. Siberian huskies do like water and during hot weather, they love to play with water. But, they are not that fond of swimming and hence do not know how to swim. So read on to learn to do huskies like water.

Therefore they need proper training. To learn more about training read how to train a husky.

People give up on teaching their huskies how to swim getting to know that their husky did not enjoy the first swim. Giving your Siberian husky the right training to swim will equip it with the techniques and it will eventually end up enjoying swimming.

Do huskies enjoy water?

Absolutely yes. They do like water and love to play around and swim to get a cool bath. Many of its kinds need not be that cautiously trained to be around water except the Siberian husky which needs a proper detailed introduction and training to swim and play with water.

Do Siberian huskies like water?

Among the different kinds of huskies the tendency to play with water varies. Generally, all of them do love to have a cool bath during hot summers. It varies depending upon the region and climate they live in.

do siberian huskies like water

Siberian huskies do not usually like water because they have been originally raised in snowy and freezing weather. That is why they are more tend toward snow and it takes extra effort to take your Siberian husky to the water for a swim.

Why are some huskies scared of water?

Huskies get scared when coming into contact with water for the first time. This is innate to any dog breed to get completely scared of water when in first contact. Huskies by nature are more prone to snow and cold places where direct contact with water is highly unlikely.

Because huskies get afraid of water in first contact, therefore you need to be very careful when teaching your husky how to swim. They can also sense your level of comfort around water if not it might have negative implications on your efforts.

How to teach a husky to swim?

You might wonder that can you teach your lovely husky to swim. If so how exactly am I supposed to train my husky to swim? So, get ready because here we are enlisting the essential steps following which you will teach your husky how to swim:

1) Safety precautions
Before getting your husky into the water make sure to use a doggie vest. Wrap it around your husky carefully. It will potentially prevent your husky from sinking. We are using this preventive measure because huskies are not innately swimmers. Continue to do so unless you be sure that your husky is confident enough to swim by itself without the vest.

2) Be gentle and be slow
Do not ever rush your husky into water. This is because the Siberian huskies already have a negative tendency towards the water. Therefore start off slow in the shallow water with their paws in it.

3) Observe and have a pause
After putting your husky’s paws into the water observe closely. If your husky shows some kind of resistance or frustration then take them out of the water right away. This is because some huskies will not enjoy having their paws in water. Therefore, let it decide itself.

4) Going deeper
If you observe that your husky is comfortable with its paws in the water, then do try to go deeper. Keep in mind and be cautious that your husky is willing to do deeper otherwise do not ever try to force it for that.

5) Support your husky’s belly
Once you make sure that your husky is all well and agreed to be in the water then the first step is to put your hand under their belly so that they learn to swim comfortably. This is a necessary step because Huskies are not born swimmers. This step will be more protective and your husky feels confident in learning.

6) Pay close attention to your tone
While instructing your dog use a positive tone. Because this will give him/her the confidence necessary for sustaining in the deep waters. It will encourage him to stay firm in deep waters and learn to swim.

7) Stay persistent
Do not assume that once you teach your husky how to swim then you are done with your job. No, you need to stay consistent in your efforts. Follow a disciplined water timing until your husky gets adapted to the new environment and learns how to swim on its own.

Why a husky should learn to swim?

1) Full-time Fun
If your husky knows how to swim, then it becomes full-time fun for you and the husky. This will help you spend quality time with your husky and summers will be mind-blowing with this additional trick.

2) It is safer
Huskies that learn to swim prevent themselves from any potential damage or drowning whenever they find themselves in a water body willingly or accidentally. Alongside this, you can also take your husky to beaches, lacks, and other water bodies without any fear.

3) Cooling Effect
Summers come really hectic and exhausting for huskies. Teaching it how to swim will be extremely helpful. They swim by themselves and it will cool their over-heated body.

Note: Do not shave your husky thinking that it will help them in coping with the hot summers. If your husky can swim and cool itself down during the hot summers, then it is the best option. Shaving your husky might be lethal.

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Why do huskies hate baths?

It is not that all the huskies hate baths. There are some that really hate baths and go irritated when doing so by their owners. The following might be the reasons for a husky to not go for a bath.

1) Negative association with water
A bad experience with water might result in hatred for baths being amounted in your husky. Your husky might have experienced a bad encounter with rain, pools, or any other water body which hampers it to experience any contact with water again.

2) Genetic Causes
Some of the huskies get the traits in their hereditary that they naturally try to avoid water as much as possible in the cold weather.

Points to Remember while a husky is in water
1) Do not allow the husky to swim in cold water because they have the tendency to develop hypothermia when swimming in chilled water. Therefore, checking the water temperature is important.
2) Always keep an eye on your husky when it is around water bodies. This is because your huskies are not potential swimmers that need a guard to prevent any inconvenience.
3) When you are first teaching your husky how to swim, you must use a vest to prevent your husky to drown.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Why do huskies hate water?

We would be wrong if we say huskies hate water. They do not but they are more inclined towards snow. This is because they have been raised in extreme cold conditions and their body is well-suited to those chilled habits.

Most huskies actually do not like when their body gets in touch with water. They do enjoy playing in the shallow water and going beyond that too deeper is something cautious for them.

2) Do huskies like to bathe and how often?

Yes, they do like to bathe in water unless it is shallow. They enjoy and love playing with water while taking a bath simultaneously. But, huskies do not like to be bathed every other day. They love so sporadically.

In fact, they do not need to be bathed frequently because they do not have the oils which cause foul odors. Also giving your husky daily bath comes injurious to its skin and coat that turns dry with each bath.

3) Can huskies live at the beach

The Siberian huskies are the most versatile dog breeds which can almost adapt to any environment. They have the capacity to get themselves adapt to any climatic conditions.

So, yes they can live at the beach. Huskies are intrinsically adapted to colder climatic conditions which concern us the most when we are having a husky at our homes in warmer climatic regions.

In warmer climates, huskies tend to dehydrate or over-heating causes serious concerns. Nevertheless, as long as you keep a good check of all these concerns your husky can live anywhere.


Many dog lovers wander around huskies asking do huskies like water and like to swim very often. They get mad asking so many questions related to huskies and their interaction with water. This is because huskies are originally bred in extreme chilled weather conditions.

The husky lovers get cautious when it comes to teaching it how to swim or how to be around water bodies. This article highlighted all the major concerns related to huskies and comprehend whether huskies like water or would like to swim. We hope this article will be a perfect match to all your queries regarding huskies and their interaction with water.