How much to feed a husky puppy?

You can’t wait to have a husky puppy at your home but you have questions bothering you regarding its diet such as what to feed and how much to feed a husky puppy. To get all your answers to continue reading.

Getting a lovely husky puppy is what many of you might think of. This is because they are super fun due to their friendly and outgoing nature. If you are thinking to adopt one then you must have a detailed knowledge of its diet because the food you feed your puppy is what going to give you a healthy and fit puppy.

Huskies are very choosy when it comes to their diet and daily routine activities. They are true, the very demanding breed. You need to be very cautious of the fact that husky puppies need extra attention therefore, it all comes down to their daily feeding schedule.

You need not get yourself wondering over what to feed and how much to feed a husky puppy. This is because we are going to provide you with complete week-by-week details on your husky pup’s feeding schedule.

Continue reading so that you get plenty of knowledge about your husky pup’s diet and as a result get a healthy and active husky to make your life full of fun.

How much should a husky puppy eat?

The question of how much to feed a husky pup comes with so much confusion. Husky owners usually presume that because huskies are working dogs and are very active so they must feed their husky pups lots of quantities of food in one go.

Husky puppies are highly selective in choosing what they want to eat. That is why you need to pay close attention to how much you need to feed a husky puppy. They are not among the breeds that are excessively indulged in food. Indeed, they just prefer what they primarily want. These are not prone to over-eating and surprisingly they eat only when they are hungry.

The daily food should be divided into three equal parts and must be fed in three different sittings. The amount might vary in intervals which depends on the hunger and mood of your husky pup to take food. Another important point you need to address is the change in the quantity of food during teething and growth spurts.

Ideally, continue feeding your husky puppy thrice a day until it turns into an adult husky.

How to feed a husky puppy with age

How you are feeding your husky puppy is going to determine its health and fitness. So, before adopting a husky puppy you need to have the following details in your mind.

• 2-week-old husky puppy

The two-week-old husky puppy is too young if we want to feed it with puppy food. Husky puppies that are two week old solely depends on their mother’s milk. They are not completely ready to consume heavy puppy food.

If you are facing some genuine regarding your puppy’s weight such as it might get under-weight or is struggling with getting weight, then supplementing its mother’s milk is all that you need to do. But do so with puppy formula.
If you still have concerns then do consult your vet to come up with an appropriate solution to the problem.

• 3 weeks old husky puppy

The husky puppy that is just three weeks old is still very young to be weaned but it opens his eyes to notice the world around him. The puppy is wholly dependent on his/her mother’s milk. Look for the quantity of milk it is feeding from his/her mother .and how many times a day. This is to make sure that it is getting a sufficient amount of milk. To know more you can read can puppies drink regular milk?

Notice if your husky is having issues with gaining weight. To counter this supplement its mother’s milk with the husky formula. At this stage, the husky puppy starts toddling a bit.

• 4-week-old husky puppy

Your four-week-old husky puppy is still feeding on his/her mother’s milk. Now is the time you can formally resume thinking to feed your puppy with puppy food and you should know exactly how to feed your puppy. However, it should still stay reliant on his/her mother’s milk.

Start slowly with a mixture of three-quarters of water with one-quarter of puppy food but make sure that it is ready to take the food and that you are not forcing it to eat. Do so in multiple sittings so that the puppy gets acquainted with its diet.

• 5-week-old husky puppy

The five-week-old puppy is still feeding his mother’s milk and is not towards weaning yet. In order to program your puppy to come to its hard food, you have to continue with the food mixture.

Keep in mind you have to feed the puppy in at most three sittings. Again keep the rule in mind. Do not feed it forcefully because it has a small stomach to consume a lot at a time.

• 6-week-old husky puppy

Rightly speaking, the six-week-old husky puppy ought to be interested in the puppy food mixture because how it is not that dependent on mother’s milk. Once you notice that your puppy is getting what you have offered then you have to play a trick here.

Start decreasing the amount of water mixed in the puppy mixture with time until it gets three-quarters food and one-quarter of water. This is true, the ideal time to start properly feeding your pup.

• 7-week-old husky puppy

Now is the time your puppy starts getting involved in its food more and more and it asks for more food. Continue feeding it in four different sittings.
Although the mother husky still continues to nurse her puppies but at intervals. At this stage, milk should not be the sole source of getting food.

• 8-week-old husky puppy

In their eighth week, the husky puppies need to be fed three times a day at least. They should be weaned but the food quantity needed by each pup varies and you should know exactly how much to feed a particular husky puppy.

At this stage, they need at least two cups of food which is a puppy food. Go to the vet to know exactly how much is your pup’s weight. You yourself can look if your pup is healthy or is getting thin with time. But keep in mind that different varieties of huskies have different allocated weights.

• 9-week-old husky puppy

When your pup reached its ninth week it gets rehomed and is among its new family. He will be without his mother for the first time which means it will now solely depend on the puppy food. Be cautious while switching to another food for your puppy. Do so gradually so that you would not upset your puppy’s stomach.

Because your puppy is growing bigger that is why you need to feed it three to four times a day and make sure to feed it 2 or preferably 3 cups of puppy food. Remember, you have to now set a feeding schedule for your puppy.

how much should a husky puppy eat

What type of food should I feed my Husky puppy?

Because huskies are not frequent eaters just like other big dog breeds. Therefore you need to pay close attention to the quality of food you are feeding your husky with. As, they are agile and need nutrient-rich food so, quality commercial dog kibbles are a great option.

Before use make sure that the ingredients of the dog food are checked. Avoid using low-quality food such as foods having corn fillers that are least nutritious and pups even get allergic to such low-quality foods.

Some puppies even get allergic to certain types of meat. Therefore, you need to be cautious enough while changing your diet routine.

To feed your husky pup with homemade food you first get confirmation from the vet. It would be clever enough if you research beforehand about the kind of diet and nutrients you are supposed to feed your husky.

To know in-depth read what do huskies eat. Make sure that whatever you are going to finalize on your list of husky puppy diets should be quality food whether it be raw food, homemade food, kibble, or wet food. All are among the best diets.

Recommended top Dog food list for a husky puppy
1) Royal Canin Nutrition Maxi
2) Blue Buffalo Wilderness
3) Purina ONE Smart Blend Natural
4) Purina Pro Plan Focus
5) Wellness Complete Health Natural

What nutrients does a husky puppy need?

Huskies by nature are very active and are known as working Dogs. They have been bred in a way which made them work for long eating once.

They are been raised as sled Dogs which need to be fed appropriately and sufficiently with fats and proteins. Still, you need to feed your husky at home with lots of proteins and hence give it healthy foods to keep it healthy and active.

Do avoid foods full of additives and fillers because your puppy’s stomach is sensitive which may make your puppy sick.

What if my husky puppy will not eat?

When it comes to food huskies are excessively choosy. They very quickly get bored of the same kind of food. They even do not like to take the food which made them sick after its first consumption. This is all because they generally have a food memory.

Try to observe your husky’s dietary routine. Find out if your husky puppy is facing a health issue or any other sort of reason. In such a case you must take your puppy to the vet to know exactly what is wrong with it.

Should you feed husky puppy supplements?

Many might wonder if they can feed their husky puppy with supplements. The point is clear, if you are feeding your husky puppy with puppy food then you need not add supplements to it because the puppy food is already nutrient-rich.

If you are going to do so then you are actually causing harm that might be injurious to your puppy’s health. However, if you still want to add supplements then do go for a consultation with the vet so that you do everything with proper guidelines to prevent any inconvenience.

You may add these supplements into your adult puppy’s food because it is comparatively less nutritious. But, I still, need to go to the vet once for confirmation.

How much water should a husky puppy drink?

Interestingly, husky puppies need more water than their adults. This is because they are in their growth phase for which they need plenty of time. Especially the younger puppies require water every now and then.

This becomes very evident after the puppy has quit feeding his mother’s milk.
Give your puppy half a glass of water every two hours. Whereas the older puppies drink water proportional to their body weight.

What is the expected weight of weeks-old husky puppies?

• 2 weeks old husky puppy has between 6 to 15 pounds of expected weight
• 3 weeks old husky puppy has between 18 to 30 pounds of expected weight
• 4 weeks old husky puppy has between 22 to 34 pounds of expected weight
• 5 weeks old husky puppy has between 25 to 39 pounds of expected weight
• 6 weeks old husky puppy has between 28 to 44 pounds of expected weight


When it comes to feeding your husky puppy you need to be very careful. This is because huskies are very selective in their diet and they do have unique feeding habits. They do not eat much but they eat super nutritious food.

Huskies need food rich in protein and fats. Similarly, fiber-rich food with lean fat as well as lower quantities of grain suits its daily diet schedule. You must avoid a diet that is heavy in salt and does not suit your husky puppy.

Stick to your proper feeding schedule and keep an eye on the quality of food you provide your husky puppy. Puppies needed to feed several times a day initially. Two cups of puppy food are sufficient. But with time as your puppy grows increase the food as well as its feeding time as well.

This article has provided a detailed account of how much to feed a husky puppy and how often. Hope you get all your answers to the queries.