How to groom a husky: Detailed Step by Step instructions

For keeping your husky healthy and fit, you need to groom it regularly. Grooming comes very crucially for maintaining the shine and charm of your husky’s coat and its skin’s health. For this, you need not be an expert groomer at all.

This guide on how to groom your husky is going to give you the easiest and the best way to groom a husky. You are in the correct place, so continue reading to get a well-groomed husky with a shiny and spectacular coat for the perfect thermoregulatory system.

So, let’s get started and go through the simplest step-by-step procedure on how to groom a husky dog.

Must know points before start grooming your husky

Huskies usually shed twice a year. They shed once in spring, when the weather warms and for the second time in fall for the growth of a new undercoat to get itself ready for the winters ahead.

This is the natural cycle for maintaining their coat throughout the year. However, we sometimes try to interrupt this natural cycle, which must be avoided to abstain from causing any harm to huskies.

Be very careful while grooming your husky. You MUST NOT remove its undercoat yourself. Always remember not to shave your husky because the coat insulates your husky from extreme cold and hot weather and prevents its skin from sunburn.

Also, shaving causes potential harm to the skin.
Now with the precautionary measures, let’s begin the home grooming procedure.

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How to groom a husky at home

Who else wants to know the best practices on how to properly groom a husky? Here, you will be briefed about the detailed steps to groom your husky at home.

how to groom husky at home

Husky grooming tools

Before you start grooming your husky, you need to be fully equipped with the husky grooming kit. Therefore, you must have the following tools for the perfect grooming of your husky.

1) A slicker brush

This is a brush with an inclined head. It has got metal pins on a rubber pad. The slicker brush is for removing the dead and weak hair from your husky’s coat. Buy quality and durable brush.

2) A quality dog shampoo

Buying an organic quality shampoo will be worth your husky’s fresh and healthy skin and coat. However, huskies are not demanding in this regard. Still use a good one to avoid any inconvenience.

3) An undercoat rake

An undercoat rake has long teeth, particularly designed for the undercoat. Because it has long teeth so, it can easily reach the undercoat hairs. Buy a stronger and stiff undercoat rake that is durable.

4) A good Vacuum

This is one of the must-have equipment for husky owners. Buy the one with a plastic container. When you are done with grooming, use the vacuum to clean the excessive fur.

5) Nail Clippers

For clipping the nails of your husky purchase a quality nail clipper.

6) A hair dryer

A hairdryer is an optional tool. This is because not all the huskies are comfortable with the dryers. If your husky allows you, then use it for drying purposes.

7) Soft Towels

Towels are perfect when drying your husky after a comprehensive bath. Because towels absorb water well. Again, keep in mind you have to buy quality stuff for your towel.

8) A pair of scissors

For cutting and trimming the hair between the paws, use a pair of scissors.

Grooming your husky

1) Brushing before washing

Giving your husky a brush before washing is very beneficial because the dead and loose hair gets removed beforehand. This way you get a cleaner coat than without brushing. In fact, brushing your husky’s wet undercoat is extremely difficult.

You can either use both the slicker brush and undercoat rake or you go with anyone of them. But preferably both.

2) Bathing your husky

Remember that giving your husky frequent bath is going to cause harm to its skin and fur which gets dry. Therefore, avoid daily or weekly baths. Do so only when you get your husky very filthy or it has fleas.

Also, huskies’ coat is not that oily, and hence they do not have a doggy odor very prominent. This is why frequent baths are not needed that much.

Follow the following steps while giving your husky a bath.

• Bring a bathtub full of warm water and place your husky in.

• Put water on its head and wet the coat. But be very careful to protect your husky’s eyes and ears from water and detergent. So, to avoid this just tilt its head while washing it. Again, make sure that you are going to use plenty of water to wet the undercoat which needs water pretty much.

• After properly wetting the coat, shampoo it in circles against the coat’s alignment. Be careful, do not scrub very hard. Dive it a very detailed wash but remember to stay consistent.

• Using the showerhead rinse the shampoo properly. You need to put in some more effort to rinse the whole shampoo because the coat is really thick.

• Now, get some towels and start drying the coat. You can also use a hair dryer but only if the husky is going to allow you

3) Brushing after bathing

After you are completely done with the drying process, give your husky a deep brush using the undercoat rake and after that use the slicker brush to give it a final brush.

4) Trimming the toes

The hairs around your husky’s paws look awkward. So, using a pair of scissors just trim them out. Trimming the hairs under your husky’s paws is necessary to make running and walking comfortably for your husky.

5) Clipping the toenails

Clipping the toenails is a crucial task so be very gentle. Do not cut very deep. This task is going to be a difficult one because huskies do not like their toes to be touched. So, be very friendly while clipping otherwise, go to the vet or a groomer to see how they clip your husky’s toenails.

6) Balm the palms

To get rid of the dryness of your husky’s palms just use an organic paw balm. Look for the one having vitamin e and coconut oil.

7) Teeth Cleaning

It is very important to clean your husky’s teeth every day. Use a specially made and quality toothpaste for your husky.

8) Wiping your husky’s eyes

This time you have to use a moist towel to clean your husky’s eyes. This way you keep their eyes clean and dirt free.

Maintaining your husky’s cleanliness

The secret to your husky’s shiny and fluffy coat is its regular grooming. So, make a routine to brush your husky once a week. This will be helpful in a great many ways such as it will reduce the hair spreading around the house everywhere.

Keep your husky clean with regular trimming, clipping nails, brushing, and bathing. This will make your husky look presentable and fresh all the time.

How often do you have to groom a husky?

How often to groom a husky is what comes very intriguing to husky owners. The exciting news is that huskies do not need too much and frequent grooming. It is ok with less grooming unlikely the other double-coated dog breeds.

However, regular brushing comes very critical when grooming husky and maintaining it. Therefore, aim at giving your husky a deep and proper brush, at least once a week.

Some huskies are likely to hate baths. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience you need to know in detail do huskies like water.

How much does it cost to groom a husky?

On Average, it costs about 40 to 59 dollars. However, this amount varies from place to place. It may go to around 400 dollars for a year. This again will depend on the number of times you groom your husky.

The more you go to groom your husky from a professional groomer, the more you have to pay. We recommend you not to go for frequent baths to avoid the potential harms that are caused by the baths which come so frequently.

How to groom a husky mix?

Husky mixes are groomed regularly applying all the steps which are shared above. You need to be very careful about certain points when it comes to grooming.

Husky mixes are the breeds that do not need baths every week. Just go with detailed grooming once a month and if required go with weekly baths.


This article was written on how to groom a husky to help readers by giving them the handiest tips on how to groom a husky at home.

We hope we have provided extensive detail on grooming your husky. Just let us know by commenting in the comment section below. Tell us whether you find this article exclusive enough, which briefed you on every detail regarding the issue at hand.