How to train your dog to run with you?

Indeed, dogs make the best running partners. This article is for you if you are desperate to get a great running companion. One of the healthiest activities, if you are a dog owner, is to train a dog to run with you. It is good both for you and for your dog’s health and fitness. Therefore, many dog lovers who are concerned about a running partner usually wonder how to train a dog to run with you.

Training a dog for running comes with so many benefits. This way you bond with your dog which keeps you healthy and your dog happy because you spend most of the quality time with your pooch.

But, giving the right training while getting yourself aware of every tiny detail, as mentioned below, is worth your time and effort. So let’s get started and explore how to train your dog to run with you.

Basic points to consider before starting training:

  • Breed and Age

There are five categories of dog breeds that are differently suited for the running purpose. That is why, before you begin to train your runner partner, make sure that you have got the right dog breed.

There are dog breeds very able to run long distances and be the best companion. However, some are short-distance runners and even some are worst at running. To know in detail about the categorization, just go for How far can I run with my dog?

Puppies are not well-prepared for running unless they get their bones fully grown. Generally, you have to wait until your puppy gets one and a half years old. Interestingly, within breeds, the stamina, and capability to run long distances vary.

  • Slow down and first walk

Before you start the strenuous running training, you ought, to begin with loose-leash walking. Master your pooch in slow pace walking and alongside keep observing its response to the increment in exercise with time.

With each passing day, keep adding 5 to 10 extra minutes of running, only if you notice your dog well-managing the increased activity. Otherwise, stop the activity and walk home, if your dog is getting slow.

Do not force overactivity start slowly and come to the actual training later on when you develop the stamina in your dog to go for demanding exercise. This way you master yourself in dealing with how to train a dog to run with you.

Remember to reward your dog as you begin with slow pace walking. This is because the leash pulling comes so frustrating while walking and if you want your running partner to stay beside you, then keep rewarding it with positive reinforcement until it gets used to it.

  • Building Endurance

Once you get your dog staying at your side and matching your pace, it’s the appropriate time to get it in shape. Building stamina and endurance take time. So is the case with your dog.

As you keep on increasing the running minutes with each passing day, go for decreasing the walking timings simultaneously. You will see a tangible difference after several weeks that your dog has developed the strength for long-distance running.

  • Speed Cues

Cues come very crucially whenever you wonder how to teach your dog to run with you. These cues actually tell your dog to perform a specific task and the more you inform your dog the more appropriate response you get.

how to teach your dog to run with you

At first, you notice that your dog starts walking with ease beside you. After some time starts speeding up things so that you get the desired pace. Give your dog certain cues such as “let’s” go or “move it”.

To teach them the running cues, you first have to jog or run at a walking pace before you start speeding up just give your dog the cue. Then reward it when it responds accordingly. Also, teach your dog a different cue such as “Whoa” to slow down.

  • Consult the Veterinarian first

Consulting your vet before going to start training your dog is very important, irrespective of how suitable you consider your dog for the extensive running exercises. It is to figure out minor health problems that your dog is facing. This is because dogs usually cannot give any signals of illness until it gets worse.

  • Know your Dog

Before you train a dog to run with you, you should know every detail about it. You need to go for complete research about your lovely pet if you want to avoid unnecessary harm to your pooch.

There is a lot of variation among the dog breeds when it comes to running. Some are content with a simple walk whereas, some breeds are not tolerant of the physical exertion of heavy running exercises. They just are fine with short-distance running.

Similarly, there is a majority that comes very sensitive to heat and get overheated quickly. Which is injurious for them.

  • Be careful to heat and bring plenty of water

Dogs need to drink very frequently therefore, bring plenty of water when you go for long-distance running with your dog. Keeping your dog hydrated throughout the trail is very important.

You must be aware of the fact that dogs are less efficient when cooling themselves down in warm weather or after strenuous activity. They quickly get overheated and heat stroke might cause serious harm to your dog. So, avoid taking your pooch on long-distance running on warm or hot summer days.

Basic training tips

1) Make sure that your dog is healthy and fit for the running training before you begin.
2) Avoid training too old or too young dogs.
3) Start with dogs that are 18 months old or above.
4) Start with a simple walk and build on that gradually.
5) Stay consistent and stick to a certain schedule.

Leash training tips

Many dog trainers get the leash training very challenging and get very concerned about how to train a dog not to run away when off-leash. Remember that the dogs walking smoothly on a leash ended up running with ease.

However, others that pull the leash come very hectically for the owners to handle. So how to tackle this issue and how do train your dog to run with you on a leash?

To avoid all this first start with a short leash. If you use a longer leash which is almost 6 feet and you allow your pooch to get ahead of you, then you most probably end up with a pulling dog, and running with a dog that pulls is very frustrating.

To keep your dog near you and be alongside you just shorten the leash, which is at most 2 to 3 feet long. Also, keep on giving your dog treats at intervals unless it gets used to running with a leash in his collar.

How do you train a dog not to run away?

One of the hard things to handle while training your dog to run is, how to prevent it from running away. Many complain that their puppy runs away and they go crazy tracking it back. You are not alone because the following steps are for you and hundreds of others just like you who are in the same problem.

1)Giving your dogs and puppies the right cues and commands and start practicing them with persistence is going to make your canine follow you efficiently. Your daily commands make them smart enough to get you and be with you.

2)Exposing your puppy to treats and rewarding them every now and then during training will ensure that your puppy will follow you.

3)Another trick you can play with your puppy is to show them some treats and eventually run away from them.

4)Use the trick to take your puppy to different places and locations so that you condition them properly to follow you.

5)When you track your puppy back after its departure without your instructions, treat it with some delicious stuff. This will positively reinforce your puppy to come back quickly because it gets treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start running with my puppy?
    Puppies as young as 18 months or above are perfectly fine for running. So you can take them as your running partner unless they are not facing any health constraints.
  • When can I run with my puppy?
    Yes, you can run with your puppy unless they get 18 months old or above. Avoid running with puppies smaller than 18 months just assuming that your puppy is larger in size and belongs to an active breed.
    This is to avoid any bone fractures because they are not fully grown till their 18th month.


In the article above we have briefed you about how to train a dog to run with you. We hope you get all your queries regarding training your dog to run, solved in this blog. For more relevant blog posts you can consult the link provided below.

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