Why do huskies dig holes?

One of the most interesting and intriguing things about huskies, which often concerns their owners is, huskies digging holes.

Many husky owners even get crazy sometimes asking, why does my husky dig holes? This comes really frustrating for the owners when they get all of their backyard being dug by their husky.

Therefore, if you are wondering why huskies dig, then continue reading the article. You will be briefed about why do huskies dig holes and lay in them and later comprehend how to stop husky from digging.

Why do huskies dig holes so much?

Husky owners mainly question, “Why has my husky suddenly started digging holes?” To get to know the answer, the first thing which you need to know is why huskies like to dig. This will help you figure out the reasons behind your husky’s digging and eventually work on stopping it.

So let’s work out why your husky is digging holes.

1) Entertaining and fun
Huskies are the most active and lively dog breed. They love staying active and busy. Therefore, their fun-loving and outgoing nature is the reason which causes them to dig holes. This comes very entertainingly to them.

2) Hiding or digging things
Huskies always want to hide their food and toys from other animals. They mainly bury their belongings to hide them and protect them.

3) Digging as a natural instinct
Interestingly digging comes intrinsically to huskies. They have a very protective sense of their property. Their instincts drive them to dig holes that make them happy.

4) Staying cool in summers or warm in winters
To stay cool in summer huskies dig holes and lie in them. Soil gives them an insulating effect and they love it. Therefore, it comes very likely that they dig holes in hot weather or cool winters in search of insulated places.

5) Boredom
Huskies are the breed that gets bored quickly. Their boredom gives them the impetus to dig holes and get rid of listlessness. The digging activity comes very enjoyable to huskies.

Siberian huskies become very destructive when dealing with frustration and anxiety. Therefore, their owners get very serious when it comes to the reasons why do Siberian huskies dig holes.

6) Trying to escape
Another reason your husky is digging is its plan to escape. It might get hungry or want to get rid of the same daily routine, which comes very frustrating to your husky. Not getting the level of activity that it demands leads him to escape for more exercise and play.

7) Strong sense of smell
Your huskies are an intelligent dog breed that has a very strong sense of smell. This derives them to dig holes wherever they smell something is been dug. This is accompanied by a firm prey drive. If there are animals dug in your yard, your huskies are likely to go and dug them out.

How do get your husky to stop digging holes?

One of the most challenging tasks is to work on how to get a husky to stop digging. Here we are going to provide the solutions to one of the husky owner’s most concerning issues titled “how to stop my husky from digging.”

1) Increase Exercise and physical activity
Your husky is very demanding when it comes to physical activity and daily exercise. Lack of exercise makes them lethargic and bored. To get rid of its digging response to counter its boredom, work on increasing its physical activity.

Play with your puppy or take them for swimming or short walks.

2) Proper training and conditioning
To avoid the digging instincts of your huskies you need to properly train and program your huskies. This way you can tackle your husky’s destructive digging habits which are likely to happen with the untrained husky.

Whereas, trained huskies are likely to abstain from such activities because they are properly been taught all the manners in their training. To know more about proper training read the article on how to train a husky.

3) Clear your yard of all the burrowed rodents
How to get husky to stop digging comes really challenging when you are dealing to cope with their strong smell sense. The simple way to get rid of your husky’s digging due to the burrowed animals in the yard is just to remove the rodents from there so that your husky do not get any smell stimulus to go and dig.

4) Building a dog house for extreme temperatures
Building a proper dog house is what you need to do in order to stop your husky from digging holes to get insulated housing in extreme weather conditions.

A well-insulated dog house is a perfect replacement for the digging holes which the husky seeks in cold winters and hot summers for comfort.

5) Providing a proper digging zone
One of the interesting ways to handle your husky’s digging holes issue is to allocate a specific location to let your husky dig as much as it wants. This helps you to relieve your husky as digging comes in response to boredom and anxiety.

You need not to think causally all the time and stress on how to stop my husky from digging. Take a smart decision to tackle the issue.

why does my husky dig holes

Make sure that the soil is soft enough. Also, apply certain tactics such as hiding his things in that area to convince him to use that particular place for digging. Hence, your husky will instantly figure out his location and get used to it eventually.

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Frequently asked questions:

1) Why is my husky digging holes?

Huskies dig holes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it comes naturally to them that they dig holes just for fun and activity purposes. Other times, their loneliness and inactivity lead them to dig.

Similarly, in warmer and cooler temperatures they are likely to find places to get themselves some shade or a place to get warm. When you see your husky digging a hole then assume that it is seeking shelter.

2) How to get my husky to stop digging?

Giving them proper exercise and attention is going to prevent your huskies from digging holes. Also providing them proper canine shelter is what going to ensure your husky won’t dig again.

3) What does Husky digging carpet mean?

Huskies are usually seen digging in the carpets. This unusual behavior happens to huskies when under stress and to get relaxed and relieve the anxiety and stress it digs the carpet.

However, digging carpet comes to huskies that are excited and anxious comparatively. Hence, various factors drive a variety of instincts and behaviors when it comes to digging.

4) What does Husky’s digging bed reveal?

Huskies dig their bed or its owner’s bed for multiple reasons. For warming themselves up or getting a more posture while sleeping leads your husky to dig into a bed.


Why do huskies dig holes? We have covered every detail in our article which answers this question. We hope you find this inclusive enough to provide you detailed comprehension of why do huskies dig holes so much. Also, it gives extensive solutions on how to stop your husky from digging.