How Long Are Huskies Pregnant?

Pregnancy in dogs is also termed the gestation period. Generally, it lasts for slightly more than two months of period.

Huskies are very much popular for their spectacular beauty, impressive energy levels, and very friendly and playful nature. Husky puppies are extremely adorable. So, who else does not want to have these utterly lovely puppies?

To get these charming husky puppies you need to know, how long are huskies pregnant, when a husky can get pregnant and how long do huskies reproduce.

To know more about husky pregnancy stages and husky pregnancy symptoms continue reading.

How long is a husky pregnant?

One of the most asked questions is how long does a husky stay pregnant? In dogs, pregnancy lasts for an average of sixty-three days. This period is also called the gestation period and after about 63 to 65 days the female dog can give birth to its newborn.

For female huskies, the gestation period lasts for about 9 weeks. After that, they nurse and wean their puppies for about 8 weeks. Sometimes many wonder and ask can a dog give birth before 63 days?

63 days is the normal pregnancy time period after which a husky can give birth to her puppies, but this range might vary from breed to breed. It might fluctuate between 56 to 69 days with the smaller dogs likely to give early birth.

How to know if a husky is pregnant?

Husky owners who are desperate to get a cute puppy usually ask how to know if my husky is pregnant. To get to know this you have to figure out what does pregnant husky looks like. For this, you have to get yourself familiar with the husky pregnancy signs.

If you are suspecting that your husky is about to get pregnant, then take her to the vet for proper screening. It takes almost a month after mating to get the visible symptoms of pregnancy. So, the following are the symptoms of your husky getting pregnant.


What are the first signs of pregnancy in a dog? When pregnancy sets on, in the early days vomiting comes very often. However, in later days if it continues to happen, then you need to take it to the vet to rule out if there is an issue.

Weight gain

As the husky gets pregnant its physical activity decreases. With that, it consumes enough amount of food. This ultimately leads to weight gain and it indicates that your husky is pregnant. All this happens almost within 30 to 40 days of mating. With time its weight increases.

Discolored and enlarged nipples

The female husky’s nipples get swollen and their color changes as well. They are likely to secrete certain semi-clear liquids from their nipples. This clearly indicates that the husky is pregnant.

Appetite changes

Surprisingly, the husky’s appetite decreases in the first half and eventually increases in the second half of its gestation period. This shows that your husky is pregnant.

Behavioral changes

If you are wondering how to know if your husky is pregnant, then look for its mood swings. One of the prominent signs that tell you that your husky is pregnant is its unusual behavioral changes. Most of the time stays quiet and does not socialize that often.

Decrease in activity and lethargic

Huskies are vibrant dog breeds and they seldom get tired. However, the female huskies get tired very frequently when they are in their gestation period. They take frequent naps and get listless oftentimes.

Enlarged Abdomen

Your husky’s abdomen enlarges towards the third half of its gestation period. It starts getting enlarged from the second half of its pregnancy however, it gets more visible towards the end. This is the prominent symptom that ensures that your husky is having a puppy inside.

How long do huskies reproduce?

A very important question that catches the attention of many prospective breeders is how long do huskies stay fertile. Huskies usually have a span of almost 7 years in which they can reproduce.

how long do huskies reproduce

However, a male husky can impregnate its female counterpart for a longer period of about 13 years. For the female husky, the process of reproduction must not start earlier than two years and it then lasts for about 9 years of age.

Here, taking into consideration the lifespan of a husky is really important. It lives a life of almost 12 to 15 years on average. Within two years it reaches its adulthood and it continues until its 8th year. Towards its end, it gets menopause and is unable to reproduce at all.

Now, we come up with the exact calculation that there are straight 7 years of adulthood when huskies reproduce at full pace.

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When can a husky get pregnant?

Husky breeders come very passionately about the first time when it gets pregnant. During the estrous stage of its ever first heat cycle, a female husky gets pregnant. The first heat cycle occurs between 6 to 12 months.

This early breeding is not very commonly recommended and it is mainly suggested to wait until its second or third heat cycle before going for breeding.

Although a female husky is completely able to reproduce after its first heat cycle which comes between 6 to 8 months of age. Even, some of the smaller female dogs become sexually mature within a 4 months of age. But, the bigger dog breeds take a much longer time which might go to 2 years.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best time to breed a husky?

After having 2 to 3 heat cycles, a husky gets both sexually and physically mature. Now, the best time arrives to breed your husky. It all happens at about 2 years of age.

  • How many times can a husky get pregnant in a year?

A healthy husky is likely to reproduce two times a year. But, it is suggested that to keep your husky healthy you should have a gap of at least 18 months between consecutive pregnancies. A husky can potentially get 4 to 5 times pregnant in her lifetime but, only if it is a healthy and fit husky.

  • How long are Siberian huskies pregnant?

Siberian huskies are the top-rated dog breed and are recognized as the number 14th breed among dogs by the American kennel club. Siberian huskies tend to stay in pregnancy for about 63 to 65 days. After that, they go to nurse their puppies for 8 weeks.

  • How many puppies can a husky have for the first time?

Huskies are likely to have about 3 to 4 puppies in their first pregnancy. It varies from husky to husky the smaller and less able ones produce a lesser number of puppies however, the bigger and the healthier husky produces more puppies in one pregnancy.

  • What are the stages of a female dog’s reproductive cycle?

The female husky’s reproductive cycle comprises four main stages namely the proestrus stage, Estrus stage, Diestrus stage, and the final Anestrus stage.


How long does a husky pregnancy last? This article has very briefly described the reproductive aspects of huskies and answered many of the most asked questions. Huskies, on average last their pregnancy almost for 63 days. They reproduce early in age but prevent early breeding to keep your husky healthy.