How to Train a Siberian Husky?

Training a husky

If you have got the loveliest husky puppy and are pondering how to train it, then you need to be patient. And you have to put in your genuine efforts to get a well-trained husky. Huskies are not easy to train.

When it comes to the ease of training a husky, its owners ask so many questions such as are huskies hard to train, how hard is it to train a husky, how easy is it to train a husky, etc.

Huskies are the breeds hardest to train because they only look up to their pack leader and no one else. To get them on the right track-during the training-you needs to command them multiple times for positive reinforcement.

Huskies are, though very friendly and cheerful but, intrinsically they are very stern, very independent, and intelligent dogs. In fact, huskies are stubborn and resilient by nature. Therefore, you are going to face difficulties while training your husky.

Huskies are famously known as the working dogs and hence are amongst the athletic animals in the animal kingdom. So, how to train huskies is a factor that comes very critical to huskie’s health and their bond with you.

Are Siberian huskies easy to train?

Siberian Huskies are not easy to train.  They are overly tough to give training because they are more tend to live in groups and are known as pack dogs. Because they are pack dogs, therefore, you will face difficulties in getting positive responses to your commands.

They are very demanding in their routine. They need selective food at particular intervals and ask for exercise routines that go according to them.

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To refrain from any unpleasant situation first focus on understanding your Siberian husky’s temperament. This will help you in providing it proper training.

How to Train a Siberian husky?

Telling your husky that you are the pack leader, Before going into the comprehensive details of how to better train your husky, you first need to establish that you are their leader and they have to follow your commands. Because they are extremely difficult to train in the beginning.

Siberian Huskies are known well for their charm. However, they possess certain traits of aggression and stubbornness which make them difficult to train. So, working on turning all these bad intrinsic behaviors is all that you need to do first.

  • Know your Siberian husky’s temperament.
  • Be an all-time leader commanding every task and each point.
  • Stay authoritative with particular positions because a husky only obeys its leader.

Praising and rewarding your Siberian husky

A well-behaved husky has all of its good behaviors being established through positive reinforcements. Always reward your husky’s good behaviors with treats. This is also termed very beautifully as “respect training”.

Stay consistent and be very quick in noticing and rewarding it for its good manners. Keep in mind that once it masters your commands, you might not need to treat it. Pay close attention to your tone which must be encouraging and positive.

Do not be violent or aggressive. Keep your commands simple and precise at the start. Then with time, you might go to complex commands.

Discipline your husky without being aggressive

To deal with the inappropriate bad behaviors of your huskies you need to employ certain corrective measures. Instead of getting violent and aggressive at your husky, you ought to apply tactics such as restricting and keeping in check your husky’s resources like its toys and treats. You can also go cold with your husky. Unless you get a positive response do not show affection.

  • Stay disciplined in your commands. Use either stop or no using an appropriate tone.
  • Give commands. If not properly obeyed leave it alone. Repeat after some time and reward if obeyed.
  • If it still stays stubborn and disobeys you then isolate it for some time until it cools him down.

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Strong verbal communication

The words you use to command your husky play a major role in establishing a good relationship between you. Using strong words makes your husky more alert and attentive and well-mannered.

  • People get confused about simple instructions such as how to train a husky to come or how to train a husky to sit. Use simple and short words such as yes, no, stop, sit, come, go, etc.
  • Use short phrases and words which are more familiar to build trust. Your husky identifies you with the words you frequently use.
  • Use smart vocabulary which makes your husky intelligible enough to learn how to interpret complex words and do a particular task.

Consistent and balanced training

Consistency is a crucial part of your husky training. This is because huskies are going to follow a particular pattern developed over a course of time. They are very vigilant and get conditioned when provided with a consistent command in similar settings.

Having a consistent routine is very necessary for you and your husky both. Because unexpected interruptions make your husky vulnerable to breaking the rules and disobeying your commands. Make everything readily available such as sweets, toys cleaning stuff, etc. You have to set a particular location for your husky’s sitting. Its room and the furniture it will be using and its sleeping quarters as well.

Daily Exercise

Huskies are working dogs and they have high demands when it comes to daily exercise. Therefore, exercise for 30 minutes a day at least. It is to help them burn the excess fat in their bodies.

When it comes to Siberian huskies walking is not suitable because they are athletic dogs running for miles a day. Therefore, when you ask how to train a husky to walk on a leash or how to train a husky to walk off-leash, it comes quite challenging for Siberian huskies. They are very close to wolves which prefer to howl. Excessive howling might sound irritating so proper daily exercise is best to prevent this. To know more interesting facts about exercise do read the article how much exercise does a husky need?


How much to train a husky?

How to train a husky puppy not to bite?

Husky puppies are extremely adorable. But, at times ignoring the puppy’s bite would come dangerously for you and certainly for your kids around. Also, it is lethal for your husky puppy’s behavior which might get negatively affected with time if not addressed timely. So, looking into tactics on how to stop a husky from biting is what you need.

Therefore, to avoid any future inconvenience you need to properly train your puppy not to bite. To figure out the right strategy to stop a husky from biting you have to identify the following points. It is going to take time but you need to be patient enough to get the results you want.

Reason for biting

Firstly, figure out the reason behind the puppy’s bite. Once you are done with targeting the stimulus for the bite, you actually pave your way to accurate training strategies.

However, biting comes so naturally to them as a normal part of their behavior. It comes more often during teething and they take almost everything in front of them into their mouth including your hand.

Give the impression that body parts are not Toys to play with

Your puppy is going to play with your fingers, toes, or hands. At first, it tests you for if you are ok with that. If you allow it, you tell your puppy that your body parts are the toys to play with, and it puts you in trouble because it is going to continue the similar behavior in its adulthood.

Say “No” to give the impression that your fingers and hands are not the toys to play with. It becomes hard to retrain your puppy once it gets used to playing with your fingers, arms, hands, or toes. You will go crazy in retraining your husky to make it clear that body parts are not toys.

Just ignore the puppy’s bite

Huskies are very quick to learn and they learn to control and kind of suppress their bite strength. So, you have to scream out loud when you get bitten by your puppy, even if you don’t get hurt. You simply have to kind of pretend that you get hurt with its bite.

When you get a bite do not react abruptly. Just wait until your puppy releases you. Step away and do not interact for some minutes. This will give the impression to your puppy that biting is not fun.

Using Commands to train to stop biting

 Command your husky using a particular word to train it to not bite. Firstly, let your puppy nib your hand, then say the command out loudly. Thereafter, wait for the puppy to respond and release you. After that reward it with some sort of treat.

At the start, it is less probable that your husky easily lets you release. But, with time, at moments it lessens its firm hold and you have to excessively praise your puppy to do so. Continue with the similar command until you get to observe that your husky puppy is likely to follow your commands quickly and drop your hand after the command.

 Turn your puppy’s bad behaviors into good ones

It is common that husky puppies to bite almost everything around them whether they be wires, furniture, or couches you name it. So, to prevent this behavior say an abrupt No right after noticing something in his mouth which shouldn’t be.

Try to focus on integrating your words with your tone to associate with your pup’s response. Replace the inappropriate things with its toys. And yeah praise your husky for playing with its toys. In this way, you are going to tell your husky what it is supposed to play with and bite and what not.

Do not overindulge with your puppy while playing. Because they get overexcited and start biting you in excitement. Stop playing with them for a while, if they do so.

You have to command your husky puppy to sit while it’s feeding time. This will establish the impression that yeah you are the boss of its pack.

How to potty train a husky puppy?

Huskies perform many tasks during the day including eating, drinking, playing, peeing, pooping, and sleeping. Some of these tasks which come so frequently are peeing and pooping. After every 20 minutes of eating and drinking, they need to pee and poop.

Similarly, after a hard workout or playing and waking up, they need to pee and poop. The most intriguing part of training a husky is how to potty train a husky and how to train a husky to pee outside. Therefore, you need to train it accordingly and take it outside right away after these events.

You first have to identify certain signals that show that your husky is about to eliminate. Such as your husky’s nose projects towards, the ground. He sniffs, paces, and circles looking for the right place to poop or pee. After all these signals you ought to take your husky outside to eliminate them.

Setting a proper routine for your husky to peep or poop you what you need to do. Take it outside every 30 minutes for a bathroom break. It might happen that it refuses to go outside but, you have praised it and use a positive tone to convince it to go outside with you. However, as your puppy grows and gets mature, you can increase the interval between bathroom breaks.

To set a potty schedule for your husky set an alarm every 30 minutes. When the alarm goes off, order your husky and say “let’s go outside”. Or “let’s go potty” and take him to the place where he is supposed to poop.

How to train huskies for fly balls?

There are six steps to train your husky for fly balls.

  • Firstly, teach the husky to play fetch in a 20-minute session by using a tennis ball. Continue the same unless it properly brings the ball to you without dropping. Then, reward it if it performs correctly.
  • Secondly, you have to set a fly ball impediment in a plain area. Then stand beside the husky right in front of the impediment. Finally, you have to toss the tennis ball in the center of the impediment and let your husky retrieve it.Repeat it until you notice your dog jump over the hurdle and get the ball. In the end reward husky for accomplishing the task.
  • Now you have to increase the number of impediments and continue unless it jumps over the four of tennis and retrieves the ball successfully.
  • Now is the time to introduce the fly ball box full of balls to your husky. You have to praise and treat your husky to pressure the balls out of the box. With time increase the distance between your husky and the box for better training.
  • You have to be really consistent in your training. Therefore, practice with your husky for 20 minutes two times a day. Keep in mind the power of rewarding your husky for completing its tasks on time and correctly.
  • Do train your husky with other dogs so that you boost your husky’s confidence up to be in competitions of a fly ball.


Giving your husky proper training and focusing on how you can train a husky is extremely important. This is because a well-trained husky is well-mannered and very obedient. You can also develop a strong bond with your husky spending quality training time with it.

Proper training needs you to be authoritative and consistent. Stay committed to daily goals and achieve better results with positive reinforcements. Pay close attention to the tone which must be very commanding and positive.

Do not forget to leave a comment and tell us what you prefer the most when you train your husky.